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Tips for Using NAOTP

By Rabia Subhani

As you are considering how to best utilize NAOTP for maximum efficiency, please take the following recommendations into account. 


  • When compiling your profile, be sure to list ALL the demographics you serve, the languages in which you are able to assess, PSYPACT status, and so on. The more you are able to offer, the more likely your name will come up in a search. 

  • Take advantage of the subcommittees allowed within the portal to form specialized groups based on specialty and/or your specific organization. This is a great way to network and form potential professional connections.

  • Don’t forget to use your credits for article creation/ads if your membership offered it. This is a great way to bring attention to your practice. As an added perk, we may use words from your article to post on social media!

  • Do add a photo as potential clients are more likely to click on more personalized and/or relatable profiles.

  • Do create a professional website if you are offering telehealth services. People are more likely to consider you’re competent if you are tech-savvy enough to have a good website! is an easy one to use if you want something user-friendly that you can maintain yourself. If you need help, check out for relatively inexpensive contractors for website development.

  • Take advantage of the networking capabilities of this centralized directory to make connections with others in your area of specialization. Perhaps you might meet someone with whom to collaborate one day!

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