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The National Alliance of Testing Psychologists was founded by Dr. Rabia Subhani, a pediatric neuropsychologist who came up with the idea for a database of testing psychologists (particularly those who use telehealth) during COVID-19. Being active on social media, Dr. Subhani noticed the frustration of prospective patients who either couldn’t find and/or didn’t know where to look for psychologists who do specific types of testing. In addition, she realized that most people were unaware about the ability to complete telehealth testing across state lines.


On the other side of the aisle, Dr. Subhani felt the frustration of colleagues not knowing to whom they could refer patients, and having to constantly post on various listservs and forums every time this came up. Being an entrepreneur at heart, she decided to do something about it and NAOTP was born.  

Dr. Subhani is a licensed psychologist in Georgia and specializes in Autism testing, as well as mindfulness coaching and consulting. She is a Fellow and the past treasurer of the Georgia Psychological Association, as well as having served as a Board member representing Columbus. Currently, she is on the Board of the Georgia Psychological Foundation. Dr. Subhani is also the co-founder of ICPUMA (International Consortium of Professionals Using Mindfulness in Autism). Her credentials can be found at

If you have suggestions and/or concerns about NAOTP, please feel free to get in touch by clicking below.

Meet Our Advisory Board


Dr. Leslie Blevins

Dr. Blevins is a licensed psychologist specializing in child psychology, parent training, autism assessment and treatment, child neuropsychological testing, and young child counseling. She is a BCBA-D and uses a behavioral approach that works well for young children, toddlers, and preschoolers with a variety of difficulties. She incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into her work to create lasting, self-propelled change for patients and families. This approach is well suited to parent training because it helps bring concrete skills together with abstract developmental and mental health concepts. Through her school psychology training, she has worked extensively in collaborative settings with parents, teachers, preschools, day centers, alternative schools, and with related caregivers to support the best outcomes for children and their families. Dr. Blevins provides educational outreach through regular learning videos about child behavioral and developmental topics at and on YouTube @enildaclinic.


Dr. Shital Gaitonde

Dr. Shital Gaitonde is a licensed psychologist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of various developmental and psychological disorders in infants, toddlers, and children. Dr. Shital earned her doctorate (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology from Oklahoma State University. She completed a Predoctoral Internship in Developmental Disabilities from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Semel Institute for Neuroscience. She completed her post-doctoral residency at the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome program at Emory School of Medicine, Georgia. Her previous experiences have included being a consultant (providing diagnostic evaluations for infants and toddlers with Autism) on a NICHD funded study. Additionally, she has served as a supervising psychologist at Georgia State University’s Psychology clinic, providing supervision to doctoral students conducting evaluations. Currently, she is in private practice in Roswell, GA. In her free time, Dr. Shital enjoys travelling, cooking, and playing board games with her family. 


Dr. Rachel Kieran

Dr. Rachel Kieran is a licensed psychologist in private practice specializing in sexual, gender & relational diversity, and therapy that is LGBTQIQ-affirmitive, sex-positive, polyamory-friendly and kink-knowledgeable. Dr. Kieran has a particular emphasis on the importance of multiple identities including sexual & affectional identity, transgender issues, queer theory, BDSM & kink, polyamory, and other non-monogamies. Dr. Kieran is also part-time faculty at Kennesaw State University, past-president of the Georgia Psychological Association, and a co-lead for the APA Division 44 Consensual Non-Monogamy Committee.

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Dr. Jennifer Smith

Dr. Jennifer Smith is a Geropsychologist and Geriatrics Psychology Program Manager. She is also an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine. She trains mental health professionals in the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dr. Smith trains Psychology Interns and Postdoctoral Fellows in the use of Psychological Assessment. She is a graduate of the American Psychological Association Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology. Dr. Smith is a former President of the Georgia Psychological Association and a current Board Member of both the Georgia Psychological Association and the Georgia Psychological Foundation. She is the Georgia Representative for the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives. She believes being a psychologist is the best job in the world.

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